Selling Properties

Why aren’t your properties selling? 

You have one key job – to sell your client’s house.

But they may be losing confidence in you as it has been months. 

One dissatisfied customer is never just one person – they tell all their friends and family what you did or didn’t do for them.

What if you could provide the magic pill that they are seeking… what if you could assure them you will accelerate the sale process but they need to take one simple action…

When people are trying to sell their home, it is important to show their property off to its best potential. Home Staging helps buyers visualise what a house has to offer, and how it would be for them to live in such a beautiful home. It is the process of improving the appeal of a property – enhancing the space and making it brighter and more inviting – in order to increase the sale price and reduce the time a property remains on the market.

Designed to Sell works with Estate Agents whose clients are struggling to sell their homes, or who are not getting enough viewings. The property may have been on the market for a few months, with only limited interest and no offers!

Each month the property is on the market it is causing financial stress and worry for the sellers, and probably losing value. The current uncertainty in the market is slowing down the house sale process – we all know it is a buyers’ market – so it has never been more important to get properties to stand out to buyers, by creating an environment that is both visually and emotionally appealing.

Designed to Sell can help your clients property stand out above the rest in their area – with some decluttering, cleaning, painting and Home Staging your properties can look amazing – and sell! Or if they are vacant, we can arrange furniture in the property, so buyers can relate to the space.

We will stage the property and show it to its best advantage – show the space and lifestyle possible in the home, getting more viewings and general interest in the property.

In their 2019 Report the Home Staging Association (HSA) found that 94% of Estates Agents agreed that Staging a property increases the number of viewings, and 86% of Estates Agents stated that their staged properties sell faster than non-staged homes!

So, if your clients want to sell their home quickly, and do not want to have to reduce the price, drop us an email on the contact form or call us – and we can discuss how Designed to Sell can help your clients achieve their dream and relax into their new homes. 


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